Business and financial consultancy Management auditing and reporting

We support businesses in the design and implementation of planning techniques, and in monitoring management and performance, in order to improve economic, financial and asset management efficiency. We also provide assistance in management auditing and industrial accounting (analytical reporting of costs and revenues by sector), in budget auditing and reporting systems.

We believe that operational planning (budgeting and forecasting) is increasingly indispensable, since it allows businesses to pro-actively deal with future risks.

Business assessment and valuation

Establishing the value of a company or of parts of it is often a key phase in the decision-making process for routine and extraordinary transactions. Business valuation is a complex activity in which the indication of value represents the final step in a process based on professionalism and experience.

We assist clients in determining the market value of a company, branch of a company, or contract, for various purposes, including:

  • valuation as an independent expert or for legal requirements;
  • valuations for transactions: mergers, acquisitions and transfers (M&A), setting up joint ventures, financial restructuring, etc.;
  • assessment of whether the value or price established in the context of capital transactions is fair.