Weight of major auditors growing


Publication: Le Fonti Legal, pp. 78-80

Author: Luigi Dell’Olio

Emiliano Villa, interviewed by Luigi Dell’Olio for Le Fonti Legal, explained the firm’s strategy of setting up its own financial criminal law department.

“This is a trend also noticed by Emiliano Villa, a partner of Villa & Villa e Associati, a professional association in Milan that today has 30 experienced professionals working in the areas of tax, corporate, legal, business and employment consultancy.

“Since the foundation of our firm in 1950 we have focused on recruiting professionals from various professional associations – from chartered accountants to lawyers and employment consultants,” he explained.

“In particular, we have established a financial criminal law department in our firm to provide expertise in the areas of tax and corporate crimes, also allowing us to deal with topical issues such as legality rating and corporate liability” (pursuant to Legislative Decree 321, Ed.).

This decision was taken with the aim of strengthening the firm’s presence on the market in a sector that in recent years has become increasingly important for companies.

“We intend to expand the legal department in order to offer services in other areas of practice and specialization.”


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